01 Seo
  • SEO Audit

    We conduct the entire SEO audit of your website including:

    • Website structure and navigation analysis
    • Content review and search for content ideas to expand semantics
    • Internal links and anchors revision
    • Backlink profile and current rankings in search check
    • Website speed and mobile friendliness suitability
    • Clear optimization plan
  • Technical SEO Audit

    We propose a comprehensive technical SEO audit of your website and competitor’s sites.
    A technical SEO audit is a process during which you check the technical aspects of your website’s SEO. It basically checks the health of a website and finds out what fixes might be needed to improve it.

    Technical SEO for structure optimization, crawlability and speed:

    • A fast loading, functioning and well thought-out structure is more important than ever for crawlability and SEO as a whole to be able to compete.
    • We offer a complete analysis of your multilingual site structure and clear instructions for your developers.
  • Off-Site Optimization

    Off-Site optimization includes different link building techniques focused on obtaining quality and high-authority links from relevant websites. Our company suggests an effective link building process including deep analysis of competitors’ backlink strategy: link types, anchors, quantity, dynamics, etc.

    The Off-Site Optimization process includes:

    • Competitors’ backlink strategy analysis
    • Researching valuable donors for link building opportunities
    • Tracking new inbound links gained
    • Guest posting
    • Crowd marketing
  • On-Page Optimization

    We are sure that SEO can effectively be implemented with less efforts and costs for your business. Our team optimizes and creates engaging, keyword-targeted landing pages for your services and solutions globally. The main goal of us is to help Google better understand what your website is.

    You don’t have to worry about:

    • The implementation of technical SEO recommendations
    • Increasing the usability, speed, and functionality of your website
    • Creating SEO effective titles & meta descriptions
    • The update of site architecture
  • Competitor Analysis

    Competitors analysis is the best digital marketing practice that companies use to improve their websites’ performance. The main goal is taking advantage of competitors’ weaknesses.

    After conducting an intense research of your website, keywords and competitors our team will be able to prepare an SEO Strategy and a process that fits your structure and the budget you assigned.

    When researching your competitors, you need to analyze:

    • Traffic channels
    • Audience
    • Content strategy
    • Link building tactics
  • Keyword Analysis

    Our accurate keyword research process is one of the most important parts of our SEO services. The specific keywords we target help us define our audience and drive valuable traffic to your site. With relevant traffic heading to your website, your company can secure fresh leads, high-value sales, and more.

    We propose:

    • Competitor keyword analysis
    • Multilingual keyword research
    • Advanced rank tracking
  • SEO Monitoring

    Every effective SEO strategy includes monitoring of website’s performance in search engines. It allows you to see detailed information about all changes happening and react immediately. Our interactive reports help us and your team to understand the performance of your website in the organic search results.

    We propose:

    • Check website rankings periodically: daily, weekly, monthly reports
    • Provide SEO reports based on main changes are made to website and dynamics of its growths
    • Complied reports based on Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools
02 Content

With well structured and high-quality content, businesses can attract leads and foster positive connections with their audience, ultimately pushing them down the sales funnel.

Our team will provide topic suggestions, professional copy, and quality content not only to increase your website’s ranking but also your company’s growth. Everything from SEO research and engagement tracking, to blogging and white paper writing, are included in a content plan. Your content plan will both align with your content levels and scale as you increase your content marketing budget.

  • Content plan
  • Informative and engaging content creating
03 Digital PR
Digital PR

Outreach and collaboration with other websites are more and more important to reach the target audience for your business. Take advantage of our toolset to find and engage with potential partners.

  • Outreach
  • Collaboration
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